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Antibacterial gel set Hydro on Image

Antibacterial gel set Hydro on

  • 200 грн

A set of gels in two convenient volumes:

30 ml - to always carry with you;

150 ml - to use at home or work.

The gel works like "liquid gloves" - after being applied to the hands, it creates a protective barrier, protecting the skin of the hands from pathogenic microorganisms and various household contaminants. After use, the gel is easily washed off, leaving the skin well-groomed and hydrated.

The gel leaves behind a feeling of well-groomed and comfort.

Brand SVET Parfums&Cosmetic
Series Hydro on
Cosmetics for: hand
Skin type: all types
Product type: set of antibacterial gels
Application time universal
Appointment cleansing, antibacterial effect
Age without borders
Volume 150 + 30 ml
Ingredient 62.5% flavored water-alcohol solution, acrylic thickener, sodium hyaluronate, D-panthenol, TEA, nicotinamide, ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, sodium salicylate, glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium EDTA.
Set composition antibacterial gel 30 ml, antibacterial gel 150 ml

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